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About us

About the Hockey School Ostrava

The Hockey School of Ostrava was already founded in the year 2004. In 2007, we created a registered association and we have organized hockey camps and hockey schools under that association since. We believe, that ice hockey is not rocket science. We always want to simply and efficiently pass on the best training habits to children, that will help them to achieve their dreams. Our main goal is to complement the work of coaches of the young hockey players in their youth clubs.

Thanks to our great quality of trainings and a positive atmosphere, more and more players participate in our camps, that take place every year. Throughout our work experience in the Czech ice hockey, our participants have been NHL players, as well as many players who plays on professional level in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland, Poland, Germany, Austria, Spain, USA, Norway and other countries

Hokejová škola Ostrava Hokejová škola Ostrava
Hokejová škola Ostrava

How we work


Our professional team consists of experienced coaches with their own player experience.


We follow the latest world trends in the training of hockey players and goalkeepers and immediately apply them to the composition of camps.


In addition to the classic training focused on individual and game skills, meetings with active players and other varied leisure activities are prepared for camp participants.

Playfulness and competitiveness

We make sure that the children play and compete in a friendly atmosphere and in the spirit of Fair Play to a sufficient extent.

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