Our ice hockey school was established in 2004. In 2007, we founded a club that is currently running the school. The main goal of this club is the education of talented children and youth with a specialization in ice hockey. Our coaching team is made up of professional coaches who try to prepare and develop their skills and skills to young hockey players and hockey players. We also put great emphasis on the development of speed, agility and coordination of motion in dry training. We do a great deal of regeneration and compensatory exercise. We take care of the full use of time at leisure. More and more sportsmen from both the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Austria, Spain, the USA, Norway, Luxembourg, France and Canada are participating every year in their hockey camps. Many of them return repeatedly. Our superiors can look forward to comfortable trainings according to the latest world trends, conducted in a friendly atmosphere by experienced trainers.

How do you get benefits from us?

Take advantage of our hockey camps.


Our implementation team, together with the support of the team in the background, has only very experienced coaches with their own gaming experience.


We observe the latest world trends in the preparation of hockey players and goalkeepers and apply them immediately to the composition of organized camps.


Besides classical training, campers are also prepared to meet with active players and other colorful leisure activities.


Hockey camps for children and youth have been held regularly since 2004 and during that time they have gained reputation for quality and relaxing events.


Just after the last tour of this year's camp,
we have started a careful preparation of the next year in cooperation with the Moravian-Silesian Region.


our team

Our experienced and professional team, proven by many years of work for our ice hockey school,
is prepared and is looking forward to other people interested in hockey camps.

Jan Vavrečka

License Coach A

As a player and coach he worked in TJ Vítkovice, HC Olomouc, ZPS Zln, HC Brno, HC RT Torax, HC Sareza, SK Karviná, HC Neumarkt, ESC Erfurt and more. Active coach.

Petr Česlík

License Coach A

As a player and coach he worked in TJ Vítkovice, Baník Karviná, HC Vítkovice, Dukla Příbram, AZ Havířov, HC Frýdek-Místek a HC Orlová, where he trained 8 seasons.

Petr Rambousek

License Coach A

He works actively on various team training positions in RT TORAX Poruba in Ostravě already since 1994. A major part of this activity lies in working with children and young people.

Petr Česlík ml.

License Coach C

As a player he worked in HC Vítkovice, HC Orlová, v zahraničí pak v El Paso Rhinos (WSHL) a Orlik Opole (Polsko). He is currently playing for VFE Ulm - Neu Ulm

Jan Fišera

License Coach C

As a player he worked in HC Slezan Ostrava, HC Uničov, HC RT Torax Poruba, HC Orlová, HC Benešov, HC Nový Jičín and more, in SK Karvina also as a coach.

René Svoboda

Goalkeeper main trainer

As a player he worked in HC Vítkovice, AZ Havířov, HC Frýdek-Místek, HC Havlíčkův Brod, HK SKP Poprad.

Daniel Mareček

License Coach C

As a player he worked in HC Oceláři Třinec, AZ Havířov, HC Vítkovice Steel, SK Karviná a HC Orlová.

Fatima Kostková

Dry training coach

A professional athletics coach in the club SSK Vítkovice.

Marek Charvát

License Coach C

As a player he worked in HC Vítkovice, GKS Jastrembjie Solway Sharks, now playing in the club La Roche sur Yon.

Other coaches

Vlasta Zuber
Reiner Knöpffel

Goalkeeper coaches

Klára Peslarová, Blanka Škodová


Mudr. Jindřich Prokop


Martin Brančík
Iva Vavrečková
Klára Vavrečková
Tereza Česlíková

Contact us!

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone, e-mail or via the contact form.


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700 30 Ostrava
Czech Republic

Jan Vavrečka (DE)
+420 603 740 707
Petr Česlík (RU, PL)
+420 605 258 399
Petr Česlík jun. (ENG)
+420 739 919 272

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